Friday, May 30, 2008

Back to art already

Nothing like a impending surgery to get one motivated to complete a few tasks, say, in the studio? I'm in the final crunch on time before my hand gets cut open, so I'm really getting some canvases ready for their next steps and it has made an already efficient painter (me) even more so. the studio looks even more what my friend D once called an "art factory" as I have about 20 paintings leaning against any available surface, all in some form of doneness.
I must also say that when one starts blogging about patios on their blog, the blog begins to be littered with patio ads. Yuk.
So, I can't type that P word anymore, dearies.
If you recall from previous posts, before I became obsessed with a P, I'm actually a working artist, so I'm going to get back to business and put the business of my hand on the back burner as it were.
In preparation of said surgery, I've been practicing using my left hand in various tasks, some more successfully than others.
Eating, check.
brushing teeth, check.
.....ok, the list isn't that long, but I can eat and brush my teeth. Oh boy. Still working on the other stuff, like writing and painting.
Recovery time is about 4 weeks, the first one to two the most critical so of course typing on the computer isn't going to be any picnic. The horror!
Stay tuned for my "left hand" period of art. Who knows, maybe I'll tap into a part of my brain unused and find a new "voice" to paint by.

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