Tuesday, September 28, 2010

back to our regularly scheduled program...art

Admittedly Liz and I have been sidetracked by the critter that seems to have taken over the bottom drawer in the kitchen, died and then sent another one of his kind. I could not resist the opportunity to channel rodent like attitude and since I have known Theodore Geisel on a intimate basis since my childhood and now Primo and Terzo's childhoods, I was compelled to rhyme and snark. I was so pleased that Liz felt compelled to respond and of course, I need very little encouragement to play...

The two weekends of Open Studios Napa Valley have come and gone... and what a swell party it was. Our total crowd numbered around 800 for the four days, art lovers were appreciative of our offerings, we sold paintings, glass and mixed media work.

As the studio owner, Liz also out does herself as hostess. We always offer wine as well as small bites; passed by a server. Never on a table to be pawed. Eww.
Our partime resident movie director Shahin is also a gifted chef and spent all four days sending out platter of bites; figs with goat cheese and honey, brie with organic pear, a roasted bell pepper mixture with goat cheese on toast... I could wax on about this but alas, I promised to get back to the art. But I must add that on the first day of the show, I counted 9 separate appetizers offered.
Oh, and not to be forgotten, Shahin also made a big pot of soup for the artists on each day of the show, so that we would not have to suffer (hardly) on appetizers alone, but had a nice, filling meal at mid day. Lucky us!

The following are images of my space, actually between weekends, as that is the time that I always rearrange, reassess and hopefully reap the rewards of repeat clients seeing something fresh on the second weekend, remixed.

What a swell party it was...

Friday, September 24, 2010

once more in the spirit of the holidays at the studio

Oh dear Liz, I speak to you from my cool grave
I regret what I've said, how I did misbehave.
You hate me, you loathe me, of that I am sure.
But intentions were honest, they were good, they were pure.

I thought we'd be friends if only you'd tried.
My feelings were true, but now they have died.
With some time to think from this place they call heaven,
It calls for some bread, preferably unleavened.

So bid me farewell, oh lovely, fair Liz.
But my friends are about, ready to give you their shiz.
I've told them about the abode they could storm,
How the drawer is still there, cozy and warm.

The dogs itty kibbles, available and tasty.
Just sit for the taking, oh my friends...they no wastey.
Once they're done with the kibbles, they'll want something more.
They'll be looking around, your home's a rat store.

I've already told them about your two hounds.
Both sleeping all day, like comatose mounds.
They're there for the taking, they won't even mutter.
Into the pot, a quick stir and some butter.

When you arrive home, feeling tired and spent.
Come into the kitchen, breath deeply the scent.
Of the stew that they've made you, I know that you'll savor.
It's tasty, you'll know it, but can't name the flavor.

Bon Appetit!,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

'Twas the night before, the night before ( an open letter to Liz from the rat)

'Twas the night before Open Studios
And all through the Nut
Not a creature was stirring
none except for the rat.

His evidence had been found
Though we'd used a trapper.
He'd left behind dog treats
And a fragrant brie wrapper.

"Oh, Liz," he'd say
If he could speak.
"I'm smarter than you
And I should now think,
That you would provide me
With things that are nutty,
Food that is juicy
And nothing too cruddy"

"I'm more than a rat,
I'm vermin, I'm weasel.
I'm plague and I'm icky,
I squeak and I squeezle"

"And if you can't meet
my demands in your lair,
Your dogs will be first
The one with the black hair."

"It's Pixie, I'm sure
She's the one that I want.
She's smelly and stupid
And no doubt piquant."

"Squeeze her into that trap,
I'll nibble her toes
She'll soon stop that yapping
When it's off with her nose!"

"I do like it here,
it's so fun, so artistic!
So exciting, so thrilling,
and sometimes quite spastic!"

"But the fun shall soon end
As I am a fiend,
Cause the one that I want,
Is the dog you call 'Been' ".

"I've seen her cavorting,
scampering and hopping.
Pooping and pissing,
All requiring mopping"

So if you can stand it
Or I'll take my leave,
Meet my demands and
You'll not have to grieve."

Chicken, potatoes,
Fois Grais and cheese!
Crackers and sausage,
Make it spicy, oh please!"

"Salmon and cupcakes,
Bread now and then.
I hear that you're able
to get some from Ken."

"My set up is good,
This drawer is ok,
I'm here when you're sleeping,
When you're up, I go play."

"So let me please ask
As the humblest of critters,
If you'd mind if I stayed
Or would you get the skitters?"

"I could mop, I could clean
I could wash all the dishes
I could be your best friend,
And fulfill all your wishes."

"We'll be happy, I swear it
With these modifications
Once demands are all met,
With quality libations."

"So let me please stay
I implore you dear heart.
And you won't hear a sound,
Not a peep, not a fart. "


Friday, September 10, 2010

It gets worse before it gets better

Less than a week for Gstudio artists to get ready for Open Studios 2010. Our fearless leader, Liz L. is the brainchild of a rather genius (evil genius?) strategy: A few days before our Open Studios Event here in the beautiful Napa Valley, we at Gstudio host a "Concierge Party" on the wednesday evening prior to the first saturday of the show.
Genius? yes. Here's why: For concierge in the valley, we are able to offer them something to offer their clients... besides the obvious wine tasting. So simple. Also, it forces us artists to have our work spaces ready well in advance of the o.s. date and thereby, we are shiny and delivered this tuesday, rarin' to go with a bit of a dress rehearsal and with what? Wee gift bags for the lucky concierge that take the time to check out our motley crew of talented, albeit bohemian assortment of artists.
We're a good party and are getting a modest reputation in the valley for being able to offer good art, enthusiastic artists with genuine ability to convey passion for what they do and of course, an interesting, lively environment in which to share it.

It's all good.

Before the show, thought I'd share some of the images I took today of my space...albeit rough around the edges. It's gonna get worse before it gets better, right? I can embrace that.