Saturday, May 10, 2008

did I say "done"?

Ever heard of Polymeric Sand? I didn't think so. Neither did I until a few weeks ago. Sure, I get the whole poly=plastic, sand = sand thing. This is the latest thing in the patio paver stone world for working into the joints once all of the pavers have been put down. Why? cause the poly part, once moistened, with no less than four "mistings", acts like a glue mixed with the sand, so that the joint sand hardens and acts to help the patio become the more solid as a rock surface that I'd like.

Isn't there an expression out there about finishing a project and then there's always something else?
So, I emailed the company (that invented this thing), and was contacted via email by several (really) people, all concerned about what happened after I used the polymeric sand. What happened? The polymeric imparted a white haze to my pavers, thats what.
So, the patio now has an inconsistent white-wash look to it. Not caring for it at all. Supposed to be done with this. Have things to do. (like get back to my life)

Rep from company came over to see said haze, bringing a gallon of same company paver cleaner. Tried small area in corner. MMMM..... ok, I guess. Still doesn't look like what my pavers once were and what my pavers look like say, over in that corner.
(you get that there is a lot of inconsistent "hazing" going on?)

Spent next day with gallon of paver cleaner, following directions, kicking out my toddler from the project. Hmmmm. Not great.
Really, folks, want this to work- badly.

emailed said rep. telling him of inconsistent and not particularly satisfactory results. Need a couple more gallons, don't you think.
I'll keep this blog posted as to the progress.
This projects been going on for weeks and weeks, I've got three lovely pots to plant, a patio set I'd like to relax in and like I said, a life (mainly painting) I'd like to get back to.

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  1. I have the same exact problem and am not having any luck yet. I am trying some different cleaners and will let you know how it goes.