Monday, July 4, 2011

How does she know?

She seems to know exactly how I am feeling...Not a chicken with her head cut off, as the common expression goes, but rather
a woman with a chicken on her head, albeit confused. "How is it that I have a chicken on my head?" , she seems to be saying.

I've oft felt these exact feelings, especially of late. My one true calm amidst the head chicken is making art. In the studio I find that it not only calms me (and the chicken?) but also takes my mind off of the constant round and round of worries and concerns, running lists and issues.

"How is it that I have a chicken on my head?" I say to myself over and over through out the day, but cannot find the answer to this question.

Some sage might suggest that instead of asking why said chicken is on head, suggest to oneself to remove the chicken.

Sometimes it's the simple answer that is so obvious.