Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weekend One: success all around!

Yes- so much success on so many levels- I am so happy this week as all of the artists at Gstudio had a successful first weekend of open studios. For me, 9 paintings. For my oh so wonderful studio mate Reuben, selling some key paintings, wonderful.
So this week, following up with clients interested in commissions, payments and starting up and finishing up paintings before the next weekend. Just a snippet for now. I'll post again next week after I wake up from my coma of exhaustion sometime around wednesday with the final reflection of open studios. Weekend two awaits! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ready, Set

Yes, we here at Gstudio are ready for our close-up as Nora Desmond would say to Mr. DeMille. We artists are definitely on that level of crazy, and in anticipation of a show like this one, a big art-palooza of one, we go a little further into crazy.
I wonderful friend/food blogger for did a blog on our group this week and Liz of Gstudio and I agreed: we knew we were crazy, but had never seen anyone actually say it. In print.
Oh well, at this stage of my life, um, at this, ehem, age of my life, I'm happy with me and I won't be attempting to change that part of me other than the natural evolution of myself. As it should.

Wish me luck on the show! Hope to see you there, K