Friday, February 27, 2009

the winds of change are a comin'

That does happen, doesn't it. Just when all is settled, content, comfy cozy... there it is, like it or not.
L of Gstudio is deciding to take her show on the road, so to speak and here we are, 4 artists, biting our nails. What to do, what to do? Was that the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland lore that uttered those very words?
L happens to be the glue of Gstudio, so it will be an adjustment on us. She promises to return and as I understand it has to due to a solo show she's recently booked for an artist here in Napa.
I'm an addict to change and drama of sorts, but secretly is it my change that I love and not so much the change of others?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

teacher! teacher!

That's right, every first and third Saturday of the month, I'll be teaching an art class at Gstudio. On this Saturdays menu:
palette knife painting. Wha? you say?
Abandoning the paintbrush for the palette knife is what this is. The effect can be smooth, abstract, thick, and chunky.
11am. Be there.