Wednesday, January 23, 2013



On a routine visit to a gallery to drop by paintings, I saw this book. The book of art books.

Artist Gustav Klimpt has had the most influence on my work since, since...the beginning.
Attracted to his ongoing occupation with opulence, I've always been attracted to his more is more style.

And then,  on a routine visit to the gallery, I spotted the book.
Overwhelmed by the size and weight, I knew it was something special.

At two hundred bongos, I'd resigned myself to the practical: no. "you may not buy that book." I told myself repeatedly.
After all, I have 4 other Klimpt art books in my book case.

On a return visit to the gallery, there it was again. I sat down to flip the pages and realized just how spectacular it is.

Due to it's size:  approx 20" tall, 18" wide and 4" deep, it requires a hefty commitment of time and lap space.

Flipping through the pages, although I was unable to spend the hours I'd preferred to pore  over it's pages, I knew at once that I must have it. The book. It had to be mine.

Once back to my computer, I discovered it's $60 discount thanks to Amazon (thank you amazon)

ordered. done. arrived.


It does not disappoint. In fact, dare I has exceeded my expectations.