vineyard abstract, 12x24"

Napa River Summer, 2 panels each 36x48"

vineyard, 2 panels, each 36x48"

order from chaos, 36x36"

birch winter 1, 24x48"

Napa Rain, 36x72"

birch forest autumn, 36x48"

little dancer, inspired by Degas

tuesday, 72x56"

water lilly, 60x72"

crazy making, 36x36

igor stravinsky, 64x36"

spring blossom 15x30"

poppy garden, 18x24

Kate working on large cypress painting

little bird, 10x10"

lauren's vineyard, 18x24

one thousand trees, 48x36

carissa's vineyard, 36x48"

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  1. I love, love your work. (wondering if you sell the works on this blog and where I can find prices...) And I just this week made a decision to paint every day (which is why I googled "paint every day" and found your website/blog.) It's funny, isn't it, how many good and worthy things are able to fill a day. But I am going to attempt to discipline myself to have some quiet painting moments each day.