Wednesday, April 16, 2014

bigger IS better!

So many changes since I last reported (in November? how embarrassing!)
But one discovery made is that in fact, bigger is better. Bigger paintings, bigger paint squeezers, bigger studio! Yes, Same studio building but another artist moved her studio so I was able to expand, nearly doubling my space. 
I'd done my due diligence, looking for outside space. Alas, I was fretting over this decision as I've been in my current location for nearly six years. The folks around me are my family now and frankly, my line of work can be isolating and moving to a more isolated space would not benefit me.
In fact, that's when trouble happens. Just sayin'.

Yup, even bigger paintings. This one at 7 feet high had to be transported by truck to the gallery. Is this my future? Is the purchase of a truck or gasp, a van in the cards for 2014? Yikes.
 Bigger paint tubes? nope, but as the 200 ml tubes are difficult to squeeze the entire contents onto the palette with my hands, a friend helped fashion a paint squeezer from a pasta maker...genius.

 This shot is me at the other end of the expanded space...I finally have north light (again) I've moved about four times in this studio space, ultimately ending up with the darkest space before this expansion. I can't tell you how happy I am with my larger digs.
(I think this shot of me jumping for joy pretty much explains how I feel)

I hope your 2014 has gotten off to an equally big start. I'm so excited about all of the prospects of this year!