Tuesday, February 26, 2008

are we kidding?

oh, brother... 
I've got to post more on this at a later date due to the fact that I can't sit here and post right now. 
as usual, as I can't get up to the studio. As usual.
notice a  trend?
Is it always the truth that when we throw, both literally and figuratively,  all of the contents of our lives up into the air, keep them turning, suspended and a bit off kilter, that when they do come down, they won't necessarily be in the shape and form of our liking? Some things even, a little dented, mussed. Some things better. Shinier, prettier, more to our liking.
But about those things that crash down harder. 
What to do then?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

really I am

trying to work that is. 
As I write this my son P is playing with my youngest Q who it seems is losing his diaper.
I really am trying to get into the studio. I've started a canvas, "Mustard rising" inspired by all of the vineyards surrounding my new digs- not that I live surrounded by vineyards, but rather when I drive around, there are myriad vineyards in the Napa Valley and they are blanketed with said mustard flowers currently. 
The first 5 weeks here, nothing but rain. I spent a lot of time in the car, up valley/down valley.
(do I sound like a local?) In the light of the days of rain and overcast, the mustard plants (flowers?) are neon yellow against the black/brown of the dormant vines and the icey-cool of the grey/blue skies. lovely.
So, I began a canvas, rather large because it was the available canvas in my studio and I have a large wall on the landing going upstairs that needs a large "statement" painting. 
Layed in the bright yellow ground with which  I start most every painting. Onto the amazing, changing, cool january sky (that I frankly was growing tired of due to the amount of rain we've had) and then onto the brown black vines that are  cut back for the winter, dormant but sleeping as they should. Being drenched, day after day with the cold, January rain I can only speculate is a good thing. It's the freaky-global warming rains of off months that cause problems for the vines.
Onward my painting... I will get back to it and soon. The time that I have spent on it this last week or so was very satisfying. I can definitely not abandon my work. That is to say, not be an artist.