Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Open Studios Weekend One

Overall, I feel like I've taken a long plane trip and still have jet-lag combined with being part of a wedding party and having to stand, talking, smiling, for 7 hours. But, it's all good. Made some very good contacts, sold paintings and overall was a positive experience. My ultimate goal here, because I don't think I've articulated it, is to move my home studio into the studio location where I had open studios this year. It's a terrific, light filled space shared with several other artists and has enough open space to have classes, workshops, what have you.
The small detail of course, is that in order to move into fabulous location, I have to support it (duh) and I need to sell art in order to do just that. So onward to weekend two- good sales and good luck.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Feelin' good

I do feel good. Granted, I had a few moments this week where I was experiencing the stress/freak-out anxiety of an art show coupled with getting new paintings ready for a gallery in Burlingame.
When it rains, it pours. Just when things were rolling along for open studio and I had a definite plan of what paintings were to be in the show and what I needed to produce to round out the show, I'm contacted by Marilyn Jaeger as well as Art and Soul Gallery asking for new work. (I've had paiintings hanging in both locations for a while now) So, I had to clear out all of my intended paintings for open studio to deliver to M.J. then pull a few more and paint more for the Gallery. Back to the beginning for open studio. I've been in crunch mode for a few weeks, but looking around at what goes where, I'm feeling very good about O.S. and feel prepared and positive.
At the studio in Napa: painting hanging panels that divide the space into sections for each artist- the owner of g Studio clearing all the space, everything goes away and the whole space is masterfully transformed into studio/gallery exhibition space. Already looks terrific. I'll post photos here so you can see the space and show- those of you unable to make it.
bye for now, off to make my fortune in Napa Valley...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Four stars

Last night was the Mumm winery reception up on the Silverado Trail. A terrific event and I continue to be impressed by the organization and support of the arts council of Napa Valley- a relaxed, organized and good humored group of people.
Besides being involved as an artist and having a painting there with the other open studio artists, I was assigned the task of volunteer coordinator. I was told a few weeks ago that the event is "mobbed" and very popular. Boy, were they right- About two hours, half spent just trying to excuse me please through the gallery space.
So, my participation with Open Studios has officially begun- in two weeks begins the studio tours and yes, I will be accepting credit cards...