Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I said to Dr. B as he zapped, yes with electricity and everything. About 15 of those zaps into my hand, three needles into my hand so as to make actual contact with nerve. Geez, aren't we all under the impression that modern medicine has advanced just a teeny bit more than this torture-fest is? Dr. Jekyl, uh I mean Dr. B is enjoying this quite so much.
Seriously, it HURT. Like more than just the italics would do, I had to go all the way to caps.

Then as he's studying his computer screen, looking at my flatlined nerve readings (there are supposed to be blips, like a heart beat) here I am, getting hot, hot hotter still. Betcha don't know I'm a fainter. Yes, it's true. Luckily, he's got me reclining on the exam table and getting me a glass of water before I can say "thud" . Whew. Don't care for the faint if R's not around to catch me, you know?

Ok, official- severe carpal tunnel. Surg's tomorrow a.m. Four days with hand bandaged and elevated as if to be in a constant state of inquiry. "uh, I have a question..." Monday stitches out. Four weeks of 2x week p.t.

In the meantime of course, I've been trying to get as much done on painting as humanly possible. Leaving odd stuff like papering the backs of paintings for later- when I'm less able, I suppose. Just trying to plow through what I know are the beginnings of paintings so that I've at least got a jump forward.
That sure blows all the myths about artists and all this creative energy that is channeled at exactly the perfect moment to put the paint brush on the canvas and create masterpieces. I'm in there, pushing pushing. Creative energy? whatever. I've got to get this done!
love to all of you, wish me a fast recovery, won't you?

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