Friday, May 22, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

image for AF

more updated images of recent work

Besides this large canvas, I am working on paintings for an event at Beringer Winery in lovely St. Helena.
June 13th: wine, cheese, music, food and over 70 artists in attendance. Should be quite the blow out, eh?

Friday, May 1, 2009

that's why it's not called "a painting a day"

I said to my friend as they critiqued my blog and questioned it's merits. I work large. The larger the better in my opinion. Working this large means I can't do a "painting a day" as the term has been used by those esteemed artists, usually completing work in one day, usually small, as in, inches.
So, I invited my friend to the studio. The painting as an example is 4'x10' in length. The stretcher bars built by my friend K, who has now begun an addiction in me: Access to large, custom sized stretchers that he delivers to the studio and I cover in canvas, gesso and prime for the next work of art. Did I say addictive? I can't even tell you. All I want is still larger canvas with which to work.
My fabulous studio mate, R is also a size addict. We're bad in that way, always looking for our next big canvas fix. He ordered four, I'm pondering the next "hit", not even close to being finished with the painting that's 10' in length.
But the question I have is this: Anything smaller than ten feet at this point will seem less of a high. Can this be stopped? Do I need it to stop?