Saturday, November 30, 2013

from the back seat

from the back seat:
"I like cats"
"what's your favorite color?"
"knock knock" (who's there?)
"smell mop"
(smell mop who?)
"what's love?"

I love so many things. Wind, the color green, and yellow and blue. smelling flowers, french press coffee, my passport, maps, oil paint, my boys, gardening, a long bicycle ride.

"I love pie"

Since the last time....

September, really? Yes. Now it's the holidays. Just after thanksgiving.
Even blogger has changed and I'm growling as to the difficulty in posting a photo from my iPad.

Positive steps? Yes, indeed.
My art business? Very good.

But, alas, things also happen along the way, whatever ones destination.
My biggest and worst "happen"? My mother passed away in September. And though this blog is on a public forum and that is very private news, I write and post about my art and what affects my art? My life.

I won't go into my feelings about my mother here. Everyone has one, some good, some not so good. I am one of the very fortunate and loved daughters as my mother loved me like a mother should. Others, when meeting my mother, wanted her for their own.

What else? Business continues to grow: a hotel in Singapore wants a giant painting executed....and other promising projects that I'll write about in the coming months.

I also moved within the studio, creating a larger space. My paintings, up until about 8 months ago, were up about 36x48" but now that has shifted as I introduced a 4'x5' size and they're extremely popular size but are making my space feel smaller and smaller. So I continue to look for more efficient ways to work in my studio as well as having one eye open to the possibility of moving my whole studio ... Scary words, but there you have it.