Thursday, December 20, 2007

So much to do and so little time...

But I did recently sign up for the Artists council of Napa Valley which makes me officially efficient. Amidst all of the boxes, I've finished up a commissioned painting that looks somewhat similar to the large "abundance" painting recently installed. If I can locate the digital camera, I'll take a picture and post. Stay tuned on that one.
Mixed in with everything else, I'm attempting to pull off a bare bones version of Hanukkah and Christmas. It's a sorry state, our household. I promise I will not be moving again for a while, or at least not if I have to move the contents of life of four people.
Very excited to see what my new digs known as Napa Valley will have in store for me from an artists perspective. What I do know for sure in San Francisco is that, ahem, everyone is an artist. I don't even say it anymore. I suspect that Napa Valley will be identical as the area attracts the creative. I've discovered the ideal excuse for not mailing out holiday cards on time: we're moving! So, my plan is to put an announcement in with the holiday cards which will be late and of course be forgiven by all for my tardiness.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Artist moves to the burbs

Are we still calling it that? Or have we become politically aware and call it by it's rightful, God given name of suburbia.
Whichever the case, yes, we've purchased a house in the suburbs. More specifically a new house in Napa County.
When an artist moves away from a major metropolitan area, do her clients and interested patrons follow? If she builds it (paints it) they will come?
I am still pondering the answers to these questions dear readers, and more importantly having private strategy meetings (that means in my head) about marketing work in a newly acquired setting that I know nothing about (from the standpoint of establishing myself locally as an artist) yet, I have always painted the surrounding countryside and my new landscape has been a constant subject for me. My muse of sorts.
Living in San Francisco, painting works with agricultural themes. So it only makes sense that where I will be working now, in the upstairs studio of my new home will only inspire and excite me more to venture into the subject matter that I have always been drawn to.
Stay tuned...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

painting installation day arrives

Couldn't have done this without D. She's a genius as she built a wooden box or envelope as I would describe it to fit the painting in (like a glove) seal it up, secured with rope for the drive to the clients and with out any freeway incident.
The size of the painting (5'x7') warrants special treatment as I have delivered five to six foot paintings on the roof rack on my car and nearly set them sail at 25 mph. Not a pretty picture.
But I'm thrilled with the installation, took a few hours and a couple of tweaks here and there (the painting is a hair off square and the wall lined up with it on the left is also a hair not plum) But we found the sweet spot and there it is. Won't be going anywhere as it's mounted on brackets inside, top and bottom and the brackets are mounted on the wall. With the bracket system, the painting stays on the wall where it should. Can't have party guests getting assaulted by a painting jumping off the wall, can we?