Thursday, May 31, 2012

I heart cupcakes

between the birds and the landscapes I have been working away at my open studio offerings for this year. The best part of course has been the stops around Napa to buy my "live models" also known as cupcakes, in order to have of course precise accuracy with relation to the final painting. Uh, yeah. I like to eat them too.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

random thoughts

Oh, how I love a good craigslist score. I have long been a craigslister, and a good one at that. I look, I contact, I schedule, I show, I buy. If you know what you're looking for, like I do, declining after you've seen what you want on the list would be surprising. I've had such great luck with craigslist that I've even had people that've posted something free deliver it to me! Isn't life great?! So, my latest score are these flat files for the studio.
Here, locally in Napa so really all the effort was to pay my cash and carry fifteen drawers and the bases up and down the stairs....20 times. So worth it. For work on paper, oil paintings and sketches this flat file is invaluable to me as I can now store them as they should be- not under my work table in a pile along with wood, trash and an old printer. My organized self is a happy self. A fellow blogger that I read on a regular basis, La Dolfinaposted on a trip to Yountville recently and featured Ma(i)sonry where I show my art.
Thanks so much! Always a small thrill to see my own paintings show up in different places with a new audience!