Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So much to do, so little time

Tomorrow being 1 September, this date marks the real beginning of crunch time. Igor will be slowing down a bit up until Open Studios beginning on 18 September. My self imposed exile from him will also give me a small bit of time to do more research on portraiture, devise the "route" I'll take to get to where I want to be and remind a friend of mine that they may have a book with a photo of Igor that may depict him in a color photograph. Because of the period of history that Igor lived, most images I find are in black and white or sepia tone images.

The studio is a bee hive of activity mixed with a very generous helping of mild hysteria and concern. Think: fire department, building department, building codes. Even to the uninitiated, these words are the makings of a healthy dose of lunacy.

But, we go on. There is an art show to set up, prices to determine, walls to patch and paint, individual studios to clean, postcards to mail, evites to generate, exhibits in which to hang and participate, floors to scrub, wine to aquire, food to cook, details to look over and over again. Decisions to make. Life is good.

"stravinsky" progress

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