Saturday, August 21, 2010

not unlike his music

Stravinsky's music, and specifically two that I'd cited, Firebird Suite and Rite of Spring. Abstract, bold, pushing the envelope. Just a few words of many used to describe his style. Not unlike the face itself. He is being depicted as a younger man, say around 1913 when Rite of Spring made it's Paris debut and caused scandal.

This may sound obvious, but when doing portraiture, it's all about the likeness. The artist either nails it or they don't and many times there's a single spot or subtleness to an area of the face that is the "thing" that captures the sitters or subjects essence.

I'm near there. Like walking on a path through a wood and knowing that the clearing that I'm familiar with is right around this corner... Luckily I have time to keep at the path for now
Stravinsky's progress
41"x64" oil on canvas


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