Sunday, August 15, 2010

holding back

Out of canvas, out of money for supplies, not out of ideas. Head exploding.

So many times I have been in this place and time. Seven weeks or so before a show, much to do in the way of mundane studio work like papering the backs of paintings, wiring them, logging them into my inventory, pricing and then of course, show prep itself: scraping all the flotsam and jetsam off of the studio floor, cleaning and making pretty, but oh, not too pretty. It is a working studio after all. Clients love to see the gritty underbelly of the life of an artist in their studio. So, the filthy paint brushes swimming in a soup of paint and turpentine will stay, my coffee can of same that was Reuben's before he died will stay. (heaven help the hand that tries to screw with it. I'm funny that way) My ever growing inspiration board and all the weird artifacts hanging off of the birch branches (also Reuben's) will stay.

I will anticipate the usual questions: "how long did it take to paint that?", "where do you get your inspiration?" "what do all these titles of these paintings mean?"

But can't paint. Nothing will be dry in time for the show. But, but, and that's a big butt, I can. I have one commission that I've just begun. It's a painting of the composer Igor Stravinsky. Sized 41"x64" and will reside in a place in the clients living room that looks down on the couples grand piano. Never more appropriate of a location I think.

Started today in the style in which has turned into a signature of sorts: big, bold and oversized. Igor, straight frontal view 3/4 of his face only. Will post image soon-
in the meantime...

a couple of views into the studio, pre show, warts and all. Thanks to my friend K for consistently encouraging me to photograph this type of thing. Of special interest would be the palette that is loaded with two months worth of paint from the passion series.

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