Friday, September 10, 2010

It gets worse before it gets better

Less than a week for Gstudio artists to get ready for Open Studios 2010. Our fearless leader, Liz L. is the brainchild of a rather genius (evil genius?) strategy: A few days before our Open Studios Event here in the beautiful Napa Valley, we at Gstudio host a "Concierge Party" on the wednesday evening prior to the first saturday of the show.
Genius? yes. Here's why: For concierge in the valley, we are able to offer them something to offer their clients... besides the obvious wine tasting. So simple. Also, it forces us artists to have our work spaces ready well in advance of the o.s. date and thereby, we are shiny and delivered this tuesday, rarin' to go with a bit of a dress rehearsal and with what? Wee gift bags for the lucky concierge that take the time to check out our motley crew of talented, albeit bohemian assortment of artists.
We're a good party and are getting a modest reputation in the valley for being able to offer good art, enthusiastic artists with genuine ability to convey passion for what they do and of course, an interesting, lively environment in which to share it.

It's all good.

Before the show, thought I'd share some of the images I took today of my space...albeit rough around the edges. It's gonna get worse before it gets better, right? I can embrace that.


  1. Kate- this is Cady from I Wolk. I love your blog! Such a nice glimpse into your studio world. I have been reading and giving Lauryn tidbits to use in her sales pitches :) Your portraits may be some of my favorites- you should bring one in just for fun for Lauryn and I to see in person sometime.

  2. Also- just saw the blackbirds/crows in the above picture- LOVE THEM!