Friday, June 20, 2008

It's a good thing

people needing paintings, that is. Well, actually it's all good, but I'll stay on message and just speak of my painting.
Everyone knows by now that I'm getting ready for the much anticipated open studios here in Napa valley. I'm a fairly organized person, so I've got it in my head weeks ago what I'd be showing, what still needed to be painted to "round out" what I'm showing with an eye toward a good assortment. ie; easy to buy and put in one's trunk, yes?
Things are going along just fine (ok, with a diversion to surgery on my hand) and then I get an email from an account of mine in SF who needs some older paintings of mine swapped out for new. Great account, absolutely will bring you the paintings you'd like and by the way, will have very few left for open studios.
But this is a good thing, is it not? I remember my grandmother saying "crying all the way to the bank"
So, I'll clean out my inventory, and start anew for the show- which will likely turn out to be the best thing, as I've already got some good ideas in my head of what other work I'd like to do and show that I'd otherwise not gotten to by September.

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