Wednesday, June 11, 2008

it's cuz I love ya...

yep, 5 days post surgery on my hand and here I am blogging as best I can because believe it or not, I do have a small (ok, itty-bitty) following of peeps that do find it helpful to keep track of me through this blog.
Ok, here's the freekish thing:
we all know i"ve got a website in which I show my art, right? and we all know what my last name is right and that it has the word "friend" in it, right?
well, here's what everybody wants: I'm getting hits on my site from people all over the world that are looking for a friend. Yes and it's not the kind of friend ya want, ya know? Oh, brother. When I back track on their searches it's for googles like
"dating, girl, friend", "find,friend, girl", and my favorite, "poem, girl, friend".
Oyvey people. These are not the hits that me wants on me site.

Now when I go to my name on these searches, it sounds like I'm running a dating service. Trust me when I say I'm not.

Picked up a paint brush with my left hand, put it in paint and attempted to work on a piece that I just started. No... don't think so, at least not this week. More work on the physical therapy before I can get back to art for now.
your FRIEND,

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