Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Napa Valley

Yes, escrow has closed and we're about to flee this house that contains nothing but cardboard boxes and take same to new digs, where I'll empty those boxes into new space.
Try as I might, I was unsuccessful in tossing a lot as I anticipated as well as holding some grand garage sale to pay for the move- I purge plenty and often and because of this, there wasn't much to toss. Go figure.  I suppose all those fung shui  based books I've read have paid off.

I did have to educate R about the big purse theory: He supposed that in our last move, five years ago, from 1100 sf or so to our current home of about twice the size, we surely did not have as much as we are moving now. So, I launched into my simple, and in my opinion, accurate theory called "the big purse theory" Here it is: you have a small purse, you carry a little bit. Usually just the necessities. The bigger the purse, the more stuff you carry. Simple (the genius theories usually are) So, the bigger the house, the more stuff.  Duh, you say.

Ok, so the new house does have more square footage, yet again.  From around 2200 sf to 2800 plus. I'll tell you right now, I know we'll ultimately have more, because it has a yard.  A yard! And by definition, that requires a certain bit. Lawnmower for instance. I'm a gardener at heart, so it warms me to no end that I'm going to be able to get my own and my children's little mitts in the dirt, as I believe that is just where their little mitts belong. 

I'm sure you may becoming a tad bored with this line of thinking what with my going on about our new digs and how obviously excited about it I am. But, one must not lose sight of the fact that Napa Valley is where I'll be making my fortune with my art, and after all is said and blogged, that is what this blog is about.
P.S. I'm driving the contents of the studio out in the next two days, so wish me luck on it's smooth and eventless transport. I wish I could say that I have some cool concrete space that I can drip paint on with abandon, but alas, I am once again setting up shop in a bedroom. 
You can re-read the last paragraph here, as it explains that I'll be making my art fortune in Napa Valley, so that does imply either an outside studio or building onto our house in some fashion.  Stay tuned

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