Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to daydreaming about making art

Friday, January 4: big wind and rain storm in the bay area. As my friends remind me (post move) "you had to pick the worst day in four years to move" Thank you.
Highlights: (lowpoints?) 30 minutes in, the power is out.
the move out is taking much longer than anticipated, it's pouring outside and the movers are slowing (three flights of stairs, go figure) 
they fill the semi to the brim, I say.
We flee the flat at 2:30, only to find out that the golden gate bridge has been closed all day, has just re-opened, but 2 other bridges are closed, so all of our closest commuting friends are joining us on the drive up to napa valley, creating an almost 3 hour drive where it's normally 1.
I almost have a nervous breakdown, but many positives to report: not raining on this painful drive to our new home. When we arrive, the power is on (!!), the house is just plain lovely, so I once again concede to my smart husband R and thank him for convincing me to not buy a fixer upper.  (see nervous breakdown) 
All that to say we are here and for the first time in four weeks, I can get back to  the business of daydreaming about making art and then making it.  That makes me very happy indeed.

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