Thursday, January 31, 2008

life is what happens...

when you're making other plans, right?
So, the plan is/was to be painting small "postcard" (that's the current vernacular as per the painting a day trend) sized paintings.  Great idea, challenging for the large scale driven artist like myself.  What's on my easel right now?  Coming in at 5 by 6 FEET.  I've got walls to fill people and the itty bitty sized canvas just doesn't do it for me (or at least the walls that I am looking at every day) I generally paint for myself, use my home as gallery space and sell "off my wall" 
Of course, I also farm out work to various gallery space, salon and the like, but by and large in such a word of mouth occupation, my walls tend to be an effective display surface.

That said, I am still determined to see this postcard challenge through and apply it to my work. 
My current direction of  "not what it seems" group of paintings in a postcard size? Sure. Or maybe a tad larger: 12x12 inches?  Got to be shippable, packable, easy to "deal" 
Stay tuned: I'll do it, I know me.

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