Thursday, December 20, 2007

So much to do and so little time...

But I did recently sign up for the Artists council of Napa Valley which makes me officially efficient. Amidst all of the boxes, I've finished up a commissioned painting that looks somewhat similar to the large "abundance" painting recently installed. If I can locate the digital camera, I'll take a picture and post. Stay tuned on that one.
Mixed in with everything else, I'm attempting to pull off a bare bones version of Hanukkah and Christmas. It's a sorry state, our household. I promise I will not be moving again for a while, or at least not if I have to move the contents of life of four people.
Very excited to see what my new digs known as Napa Valley will have in store for me from an artists perspective. What I do know for sure in San Francisco is that, ahem, everyone is an artist. I don't even say it anymore. I suspect that Napa Valley will be identical as the area attracts the creative. I've discovered the ideal excuse for not mailing out holiday cards on time: we're moving! So, my plan is to put an announcement in with the holiday cards which will be late and of course be forgiven by all for my tardiness.

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