Monday, January 21, 2008

back in the saddle again....

Yep, feeling good about unpacking the studio- nothings ideal of course but we're in our new digs and enjoying it and I finally escaped to the upstairs and  one of the last rooms- my work space.
Should have  been the first maybe, but hey, we had to eat and sleep right?
Unpacking felt great due to having very different places to put nearly everything. So much of my space in my previous house inside the studio was used for some such nonsense storage as saws, ceramic pots and 2x4's. No more. I now have the luxury of a garage. Welcome to suburbia, it is good.

That said, I have worshiped at the alter of fung shui and all things clear of clutter for quite some time, so if anyone comes to visit me in the future in my humble home, you are free to inspect the contents of said garage and if I've taken leave of my senses and begun to pack-rat the contents of my life in there, you have my permission to publicly humiliate me. There. 

Nearly all "moving" flotsam is out of said garage, has at least found a home in some room in the house and will methodically be analyzed as to it's worth, and if not, out it goes.

I digress: back to the studio.
New work, yes, new work.  I got not one but two calls for potential work today- one existing painting in inventory that happens to be farmed out to Marilyn Jaeger and the other for  a commission that I'll be starting.  Very happy that I've not been forgotten just because I moved out of the city and small seeds planted so long ago are beginning to show their little sprouted heads in the form of client contact.  Life is very good indeed.

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