Tuesday, September 28, 2010

back to our regularly scheduled program...art

Admittedly Liz and I have been sidetracked by the critter that seems to have taken over the bottom drawer in the kitchen, died and then sent another one of his kind. I could not resist the opportunity to channel rodent like attitude and since I have known Theodore Geisel on a intimate basis since my childhood and now Primo and Terzo's childhoods, I was compelled to rhyme and snark. I was so pleased that Liz felt compelled to respond and of course, I need very little encouragement to play...

The two weekends of Open Studios Napa Valley have come and gone... and what a swell party it was. Our total crowd numbered around 800 for the four days, art lovers were appreciative of our offerings, we sold paintings, glass and mixed media work.

As the studio owner, Liz also out does herself as hostess. We always offer wine as well as small bites; passed by a server. Never on a table to be pawed. Eww.
Our partime resident movie director Shahin is also a gifted chef and spent all four days sending out platter of bites; figs with goat cheese and honey, brie with organic pear, a roasted bell pepper mixture with goat cheese on toast... I could wax on about this but alas, I promised to get back to the art. But I must add that on the first day of the show, I counted 9 separate appetizers offered.
Oh, and not to be forgotten, Shahin also made a big pot of soup for the artists on each day of the show, so that we would not have to suffer (hardly) on appetizers alone, but had a nice, filling meal at mid day. Lucky us!

The following are images of my space, actually between weekends, as that is the time that I always rearrange, reassess and hopefully reap the rewards of repeat clients seeing something fresh on the second weekend, remixed.

What a swell party it was...

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