Sunday, October 10, 2010

art is in the details

About 3 weeks left I suppose, to keep working on the portrait of Igor Stravinsky. It's a self imposed deadline as the clients who are commissioning this painting don't need it until into November, but I'd rather be finished sooner than later as it keeps me painting through the fall.

Throughout open studios, this particular painting did give me a good opportunity to determine it's accuracy as a portrait. In the portrait genre, likeness is key. The concept seems obvious to me as most clients, whether a portrait of themselves, a loved one or a notable person (in this case) should actually look like the person. Right?

Classical music lovers could all identify the subject of the painting as they entered my work space, so I was pleased and those that did not listen to/follow classical music were unable to identify the subject. Fine by me. At the risk of sounding elitist, those with knowledge of Stravinsky's music were really the opinions I was most interested.

Igor Stravinsky (in progress)

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