Monday, May 3, 2010

"What a swell party it was..."

Nothing like an art show/open studios to get the creative juice juicin'. It was so lovely today to go into the studio and not to go down my check list of projects and tasks. With seven artists exhibiting through the weekend there are many details in which to take care.
One of my favorite bloggers, Lisa Borgnes in southern California also had a fantastic opening for her embroidery work. Take a moment to go here. I love the traditional textile meets irreverence in her samplers.
But I digress, this blog is about me
In true Gstudio style, we'd evited a thousand of our closest friends to our most current get-together and alas had a lovely turn-out. With this show, we've decided that Open Studios for us will be a semi annual event, featuring our resident artists (five currently) as well as visiting artists as this offers our clientele plenty of variety and a large amount of fabulous new work to view.

Of course, since this is a working art sudio, we are a wee bit rough around the edges. Can't be all perfect and gallery like, that is the concept of an open studio where the clientele can see where the artist works and makes their art.

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