Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sometimes this is what happens...

when a girl paints on canvas.

I have that little bit of time between one open studios and another open studios where I try and spend some time in my head looking for that moment that I get when I see the picture of what it is for which I am looking.
Is it up in the trees? Likely yes.

Considering the fact that I am constantly looking up into the sky, trying to get my mind around the clouds and what makes them look the way they look and the out line of any particular tree and how it's profile is in perfect concert with everything above it.

Maybe because I am a Virgo. By definition, all things of the earth are of interest to me. No surprise to me. I am at my most happy when I am making art and at my most content when I am in my garden, pruning, picking, weeding, planting, cutting, smelling, looking and planning.

I think it shall be called "In the company of trees"

And then I go around the fence and see this:

Back in my garden, later in the afternoon, before I jump into the dirt with my bent shovel to plant a hydrangea, I must photograph these beauties

Depicted in art over and over again, no mystery as to why me thinks.

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