Monday, November 5, 2007

something else I'm working on

First of all, dear reader my blog is going to be changing it's look soon, as in, I've signed up for Adsense and I'm understanding that google in their infinite wisdom will be placing relevent ads on this site. Your job? click on them and everyone's happy. Get the picture? Good. You're smart, I knew you would. Why? Cause, like I said in my first post of this blog, this site is meant to be used as my casual friday- my art site is not meant to be muddied by the flotsam of our culture known as advertising. Once again, your only concern is to click on them.

Ok, onto the something else I'm working on. Wine and my art. Relationship? yes. How? Well, besides the fact that I've always had and continue to have agriculture inspired art such as vineyards, trees, fruit, vegetables, I've also generated paintings that include wine bottles and the like. So, naturally being the egocentric artist that I am, I've always had a personal goal of getting my art- something- on a wine label. Enter wine maker.

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