Tuesday, November 13, 2007

14 things

1. yesterday had to rant on my mothers site to make sure family doesn't travel to see her and screw up her immune system.
2. got my panties in a knot on that one for sure.
3. productive day today, painting, wiring paintings, anticipating selling painting
4. time way too short (see number 3)
5. grocery list is growing longer and am tempted to see how long I can put it off until "people" start asking questions
6. love my new bedding
7. I actually almost removed all of my big toenail (don't ask)
8. my new business cards are ordered and am anticipating big sales as a result (right?)
9. how many so called "journals" have I started and stopped?
10.Several people I haven't heard from in a long time. Does it mean something?
11.house hunting is equal parts tiring, exhilerating.
12. did I say tiring?
13. Now have a total of 4 agents checking in with us: A, S, M, and S
14. Do I ever have the right thing to wear for ANY occassion???

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