Saturday, November 3, 2007

I hear the jing-jing-jingling of sleigh bells

The holidays are upon us folks... Around these parts, it's marked by Halloween and the event of Primos birthday just following.
R and I have gone out of our way over these last several years to minimize the hoopla especially around birthdays that mark the passing of time for, hello, a ten year old. How did this happen? Not him turning ten. Pay attention: It's the part about the extreme lengths that parents can go when celebrating their children's birthdays. When Primo turned one, we had a cocktail party to beat the band, babies (of course!) included. Turning two, three, four: yes, yes and yes- more over the top including the ever present, gift to the party go-er: the party bag. How about just giving the tot cash?
(I know I'm ranting and I'll get to my point, and I love it that you've gotten this far)
We finally came to our senses when we were plunged into reality and absolutely could not pull it off one more time. Primo was turning five and we were preparing for the birth of secondo. (In case you feel mystified, don't: One two and three in italian)
The circumstances that R and I were facing were such that any party, no matter how important the occassion just wasn't going to happen: The paired down birthday was born. One guest, one movie, one lunch at a favorite burger joint- A trip to the toy store to pick out something- done, bye-bye.
We've tried to carry on the same theme in the years since then but last year it got the better of us and low and behold, 10 boys in the house- learned our lesson after the boys ate and left jelly beans sitting on the floor in a bedroom and essentially delivered a hand written invitation to all the ants within a mile radius to come on over, the livin is easy!
What in the hell does all of this have to do with art?
time, honey, time.
All that day to day life that we're all livin- the stuff that has to happen whether I'm interested in it or not? Yep, it does have to get done. And all of that takes away time, time time!
Hence the hour of the post. Where do I find time? In the wee hours of course. Can't sleep, get up, make coffee and get at it.
No light? No problem! Paint any way and how fun it will be to see what I make in a few hours. Just don't let it be a commissioned painting. The client might not like this particular direction-
With that, I'm off to the studio-
In the dark.

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