Thursday, March 3, 2011

additional art show updates and general navel gazing

The group art show in which I am so truly thrilled to be a part of has been pushed back by one week to April 9. Quietly I exhale whilst saying that the changed date works for me. Secretly very appreciative as this will give me several more days painting time.

Told recently that I could pull a dozen right out of the sky (actually, another word was used) I proved that observation right and the first bakers dozen or so of ideas and paintings have happened seamlessly indeed.

It's the last six or so that make an artist pause. Since there is a definite theme to this art show, that of gold leaf specifically, I cannot go randomly willy-nilly into the fantastical world of my imagination and pull out of my hat any which thing that might please me. No, no!

I have been charged with specifics: Landscape. Napa Valley Landscape.

It's what I do. I enjoy it. I keep painting it. The seasons continue to change and I never go tired of the inspiration I see daily here.

So, just when you are expecting a peek at one of my vineyard landscapes, I will leave you with a thumbnail of a tree painting.

Winter Birch (unfinished)
oil on canvas
Kate Salenfriend

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