Sunday, July 18, 2010

work in progress as a painting

Back this week from a vacation in Mexico. Visited the area known as the Mayan Riviera. As has been the last seven trips to Mexico, the most lasting impression for me has always been the water of the Caribbean. I now have a solid mental snap shot that I plan to apply to a painting sometime soon, but for now, I am focusing on two things: finishing up the garden series that I'd started back in early June as well as a beginning a commission portrait of Stravinsky.

As a working title, "work in progress" is all I have right now. I went to the studio at 5:30, and usually am able to not let fatigue affect me through out the day after working in the studio that early, but I painted until about 12:00 pm, only having the distraction of sitting down for a short while. That time spent sitting relaxed me to such an extent, I am now feeling quite sleepy and can only wish for a nap.

With that, a title is born:
"afternoon nap" (work in progress)
oil on canvas

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