Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"I could while away the hours..." scarecrow

I'm nearly finished going through ten years of unsold paintings that I have stashed, hid from view or otherwise shunned due to their supposed unsaleability. (this is doubtful as a word, not unlike impactful. So. not. a. word.)
What I've done with those ten years of unsold and unworthy paintings is to paint over them, using the canvases for this new series of "passion"
Collective gasp.
I know, I know, painting over another painting?! Is nothing sacred?!
It's actually what I consider a high form of reuse and recycling. As a sometime expert in both garbage/waste management and Feng shui practices, it is a near spiritual act of a higher calling to embrace the once cast off canvas with the new life and rehabilitative energies that lie within the pigment of the oils. Once this is done, new found energies emerge from the canvas in the form of a visual journey known as "passion".
Did I really write that? I am so full of shit.
It must be five in the morning, because I write my best (worst) at this early hour.

I am a virgo (yes, my birthdays coming, send all gifts to gstudio) and by definition, a die hard planner. The passion series is so out of character for me because of the spontaneous nature in which I began the series, painted the art and feel whilst I am in the act if you will, of painting them. I generally plan everything in my life, write lists, check off items and add yet more. But, I've been able to let go of some of that control with these paintings and it's felt good to go with my passions. It's been a long time since I've done something like this. Dare I say...never?

oil on canvas

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