Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big News for me!

Yes, big news here in my little pocket of art: I'll be showing art at Maisonry Napa Valley!
Prepare yourselves, cause the website gives you just a wee snapshot of all of the delightful experiences that are merely waiting for your presence in order to astound....
Intrigued? You should be.
Sexy, irreverent, approachable. No, I'm not referring to the online connection you've been thinking about- I'm talking about Maisonry itself: part tasting room, part gallery, part lifestyle seduction.
I'll be showing about five paintings and am very excited to be part of the experience at Maisonry. It is so worth your trip to Yountville. If you come to visit on the May 1 and 2 weekend, you can stop by to see me at Gstudio first, then straight up to Yountville for a lovely late afternoon at Maisonry. Plan a weekend of it. I hope you can.

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  1. Kate, congratulations, I am so excited for you. Can't wait to see what you exhibit.

    Art by Karena