Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Artist moves to the burbs

Are we still calling it that? Or have we become politically aware and call it by it's rightful, God given name of suburbia.
Whichever the case, yes, we've purchased a house in the suburbs. More specifically a new house in Napa County.
When an artist moves away from a major metropolitan area, do her clients and interested patrons follow? If she builds it (paints it) they will come?
I am still pondering the answers to these questions dear readers, and more importantly having private strategy meetings (that means in my head) about marketing work in a newly acquired setting that I know nothing about (from the standpoint of establishing myself locally as an artist) yet, I have always painted the surrounding countryside and my new landscape has been a constant subject for me. My muse of sorts.
Living in San Francisco, painting works with agricultural themes. So it only makes sense that where I will be working now, in the upstairs studio of my new home will only inspire and excite me more to venture into the subject matter that I have always been drawn to.
Stay tuned...

1 comment:

  1. Oh, but Kate, it's NOT the burbs.

    You've moved to The Country. And that, love, is the respectable place an artist moves after The City.

    bisous to you, R, Q, and P.