Saturday, January 28, 2012

Four Stars!

Dear Universe,

I am busting my vest buttons (does anyone say that? and technically do women bust vest buttons? don't answer that)
Number one son is the lead in his middle school play, titled "Shakespeare is my father", playing the part of the bard himself.

Yes, I'm his mom, but I have to say after weeks of practicing lines with him, I knew the play pretty well and he nailed it! He's got terrific comedic timing and excellent voice projection.

So proud I am.

Here's the synopsis:

"It is the summer of 1596 and William Shakespeare's fame is on the rise in London, but he suddenly suffered from writer's block. While facing self-doubt, Shakespeare's three children come to visit, forcing him to learn how to be a father again as he searches for inspiration. Written and directed by Kara Wilson, "Shakespeare is My Father" combines romance, drama, and comedy to create a unique tale that is very loosely based around historical facts as well as some of Shakespeare's most famous lines."

(That's my son in the upper right corner of the picture, as William Shakespeare)

I'll be back with art soon....

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  1. Hi Kate,

    You won the IKAT Giveaway on La Dolfina!
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