Sunday, February 6, 2011

so many...

So, so many times, I have told myself in a somewhat sheepish voice, "oh, here's the subject for my next blog!" or, "ah, yes! a title!"
Only to fizzle once sitting down at my monitor, never quite getting to the point of articulating my thoughts.

Possible titles you ask? So, so many to name a but a few:
"Liz and Bret's adventure"
"Sabotage of oneself"
"When life goes south"
"My nutalicious life"
"Why people still move to California"

I will wait whilst you ponder....

Times up.

In the last two weeks or so, ahem, since my last post, many many things. Main focus has been L, her brother passing and all the fall out that death of a brother implies. Complicated would be an understatement, but she and dear friend Bret are off to N.Y. where they are headed into the "eye" of sorts of what's being called "Snowmagedden". Funny thing is, only thing worse than Snow magedden: Family Magedden, During a funeral.

The weather here in the beautiful Napa Valley has been beyond lovely. It's been freakish. Yesterday: 80 degrees fahrenheit.
At 10am.
Even in California, although it's true that our brains are half fried from the sun, the love and the weed that that kind of temperature in early February is just plain scary.

So, my mind and my heart are all pulled this way and that. I keep painting, thinking about my dear friends L and B, hoping their trip is not only eventless but that they come back to sunny lovin' California, unharmed, unscathed and feeling groovy.

Couldn't help it, I'm a native after all.

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