Sunday, February 20, 2011


Who doesn't love a preview? I not only like a movie preview, but I don't even mind a spoiler. I am so o.k. with spoilers, I've told friends to please tell me the end of movies. Yes, I still enjoy the movie too.

But would previews be suitable for everything in our lives? I have a group art show coming up on April 1 and will give you a few sneak-peak thumbnail type previews here and in the weeks ahead, but what of everything else?

How about life? What's my next car going to look like? What's happening next month? Or next year? Haven't we all experienced the feeling of watching a film or reading a book that we can barely stand not knowing how the story will end? Oh tell me?! How does it end, I say? Happy? Sad? Someone dead? Does he run away? Does she escape? or beloved Flora, throwing herself off the turret?

We can plan, strategize, organize and do our best to aim our personal intentions in the general direction of wants and needs.

Not every arrow can be pointed the way we want them. Agendas change, goals adjust themselves. Needs and wants are adjusted and battle it out. Oh, and have you heard? People change. I for one know that I have, do, and will again. Hopefully into who I am.

What I know for sure is that life is all about change. Oh...and I'm in charge of the decisions in my life. I'll work on that one.


  1. Equally beautiful artwork and words of wisdom.

  2. To much navel gazing , just paint ................
    and the well adjusted fellow with the books is a great image .