Sunday, June 6, 2010

art as a view into the soul

A commenter recently wrote that a painting could or might be considered a view into the soul of an artist. That very large statement I am sure has been debated and pondered for generations. I am certain if for nothing else the sheer joy of debate.

I have been painting in what I describe as very "tight" style which is to say that some of the direction of the new work demands a very precise hand, very concentrated effort and much reflection on achieving the goal. The goal being a likeness of a persons face, but with the challenge of the face being five to ten times larger than a human face. The exaggeration was a natural step for me considering I do most of my favorite subjects (fruit) in large, exploded, outscaled size. How natural to do the human face then. As it is equal parts enjoyable and challenging, I need a release from the precision that it requires.

My release is to work through a landscape painting, largely using a palette knife. One of my absolute favorite tools to use, the palette knife allows me to work quickly, thickly and aggressively through the painting accomplishing in the case of this painting, a new work that has been rattling around in my head (not really, it was a spontaneous thought) as well as a release of sorts. From the restraint of the portraiture? From the various crazy making stresses that comprise my life? Both really.

This is painted on my favorite well built 44"square. Impressive and intimidating canvas heft.
"Crazy making garden foreplay" is it's name.
I am unsure what someone would comment on what this painting is windowing, but I do wonder what it says about me.
I think it's still a work in progress. As am I.

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