Friday, February 27, 2009

the winds of change are a comin'

That does happen, doesn't it. Just when all is settled, content, comfy cozy... there it is, like it or not.
L of Gstudio is deciding to take her show on the road, so to speak and here we are, 4 artists, biting our nails. What to do, what to do? Was that the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland lore that uttered those very words?
L happens to be the glue of Gstudio, so it will be an adjustment on us. She promises to return and as I understand it has to due to a solo show she's recently booked for an artist here in Napa.
I'm an addict to change and drama of sorts, but secretly is it my change that I love and not so much the change of others?

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