Monday, August 25, 2008

this and that

Just sharing really- Feeling pretty good about time spent in the studio. I finished two more bird paintings, started 2 vineyard paintings and worked on some blossom paintings in various stages of completion. The heat here is really working for me. I've got deadlines right now and it's really helping that 24 hours after a painting is started, the paint isn't dry necessarily but rather "set" as in, I can proceed, many times painting more, on top of what I've already started. Which is very helpful when one is trying to work on quite a few things at once.
Art and Soul gallery emailed and wants to switch out paintings to freshen up her inventory, which is always good and I can provide her with smaller works that clients buy more easily than the larger works. Need to pick up paintings from Bistro Yoffi in San Francisco as they are closing. It's been a long run with them: 5 years or so.
Any dropping off to Raymond vineyard a painting this week as they are my partner winery for open studios. is there link, and you can see my open studios listing plus 71 other selected napa valley artists here-

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