Monday, July 22, 2013

Balls in the air

I suppose that everyone is crazy busy. I woke up at four this morning. My first thought was "great, I can get in two hours finishing a painting before the boys wake up, go get a coffee, stop back home, change out of jeans, stop by notary to give a signature, pick up a package at ups at the other end of town, say hello to a friend that  was in the parking lot, pick up some product from my hairdresser, then to the art store to pick up 20 canvases and bring them back to the little studio. All of this before 11:30 am.
Of course, all good "problems" as they are the opposite of problem: business is great, my kids are great, my house is great, life is absolutely great.
Of course the image here is not balls in the air but rather, plums. It's a difficult painting to appreciate in this small format on the monitor, as each plum is about 2 feet wide. Very ripe and luscious.
The painting reminds me to stay solid and steady. Even when my schedule is packed. Small things can be let go. Focus on the important, because they feed my heart.

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