Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh happy day

Finishing and delivering paintings is the second thing I like to do in the studio. This week was a fruitful one despite my children needing to be occupied on their third week of holiday (curse you unified school district!)

I finished two paintings and delivered each, albeit a wee "damp" shall we say? Not to worry: hang them on the wall and for God's sake, don't walk too closely as you'll brush up against the uh, "yet to fully set" paint. And get it on your clothes. Like (all of) mine.

What with february around the corner, I've been recently notified as to a gallery's upcoming show, themed around none other than "love". So this week, I will put my artists head back to the grindstone and figure out how I can make something that says "love". Birds? Frankly, I'm in more of a crow mood these days. Crows: fighting over a bloody heart?

A student of mine confessed that he found my blog somewhat autobiographical. Too much?
Why do I keep this up if not for putting shocking thoughts out to the universe? Undoubtably for laughs.

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